Eternal Love

A sassy witch. A paranormal conspiracy. An unexpected romance.

It’s my senior year in high school. I just need to sail through the next few months and I’m off to College. When a sharp vampire with a gorgeous smile steals my attention.  My internal instincts tell me he’s nothing but trouble. But I never listen to my intuition.

Before I knew what hit me, I was pregnant. Carrying a cursed child  to save my lovers life. If I could get through high school, we could get married and leave New Orleans. Nothing could prepare me for what happened next.

I desperately need to escape. I have a plan, I know I can make it. Except there is one tiny problem-I'm head over heels in love with a vampire. But he has a secret one that brings me to my knees.

I need to make a decision and fast. 

Fans of Ilona Andrews will love the blend of urban fantasy and paranormal romance in Eternal Love.