Author Events During COVID

Mall of America 08/21

My very first Author event during Covid. I was extremely nervous. My husband was helping out.  I didnt know what to expect I have signed up for several last year but just like everything else; they were all cancelled. 

 It was great. They had hand sanitizer at all the tables. And many people were masks. As I did because I was not vaccinated at the time. I felt it was completely safe and well worth my time. I didn't sell many books. OF course I wanted to sell books, but I really went for the experience. While I live in Wisconsin a neighboring state of Wisconsin, I have only visited once. I have never been to the mall of America. 

I got to meet several other authors.  Some of them their first event as well. The authors came from all over some as far as Alabama. All the others were nice and polite and more than willing to share their experiences.

It was an exceptional experience, and I hope to attend this event again next year.